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Get to know the History of the Chopin Competitions 1927–2010 on Google Arts&Culture

[After the 1st World War] the cult of Chopin somehow faded […]. I frequently heard the opinion that Chopin was too romantic, touched the soul and  mentality. Some people even thought that because of this Chopin’s works should not be played in music schools. All these symptoms of absolute misunderstanding of Chopin’s music were very painful to me… I decided to react. Observing the youth, their enthusiasm for sport contests, I found the solution – a competition! […] The future proved that I had not been wrong…

Jerzy Żurawlew (1886-1980), the initiator and multiple juror of the Competition (ca 1927).

Soon, thanks to the unique Competition, shaping the world of pianism of the 21st century, Warsaw will be the capital of the performance of Fryderyk Chopin’s music once again,

and already the History of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competitions is available on:

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