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Information for participants

Recording information

Due to numerous questions, we explain that pieces for the Qualifying Committee do not have to be recorded without a break. These can be separate recordings. Only cuts within individual pieces are not allowed

Information concerning application fee

Additional information, concerning transfer of the application fee, that may be required in some countries and banks:

Beneficiary/recipient is The Fryderyk Chopin Institute


Tamka 43

00-355 Warszawa

Benefitiary bank name and address:

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Region Mazowiecki

al. Jerozolimskie 7

00-955 Warszawa

IBAN: PL 71 1130 1017 0020 1462 3620 0008

Information concerning the printed application form

After successful sending the electronic Application (available here: https://form.chopin2020.pl/index.php/auth/sign_in/en/ ), you will see the button PRINT on your monitor. After printing the PDF-file on a paper sheet, please sign it and send us by traditional post.


Until 1 December 2019 - Admission of applications from participants

By 9 March 2020 - Publication of the list of persons qualified for the Preliminary Round

17-28 April - Preliminary Round

2-23 October - Competition:

  • 2 October - The inaugural concert
  • 3-7 October - I stage
  • 9-12 October - II stage
  • 14-16 October - III stage

17 October - Ceremonies connected with the celebration of the 171st anniversary of the death of Fryderyk Chopin

  • 18-20 October - Final
  • 21 October - First concert of the laureates
  • 22 October - Second concert of the laureates
  • 23 October - Third concert of the laureates


The six highest-ranking finalists will be awarded the following main prizes:

I prize - 40 000 € and a gold medal

II prize - 30 000 € and a silver medal

III prize - 20 000 € and a bronze medal

IV Prize - 15 000 €

V Prize - 10 000 €

VI Prize - 7 000 €

The remaining finalists will be awarded equal distinctions of 4 000 €

In addition to the abovementioned prizes, special prizes are planned:

  • for the best performance of a concert

  • for the best performance of mazurkas

  • for the best performance of a polonaise

  • for the best performance of a sonata

In addition, extra-statutory prizes will be awarded.


If you have questions, please contact the Competition Office

Jerzy Michniewicz


Barbara Dynda


Weronika Florencio